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Help - Preview

MobileMule can preview all movie files, which your eMule is currently loading or finished in it's current session. Go into the "Finished Files" or "Downloads" screen and select Preview. eMule will try to grab the first frame from the selected movie, resize it to your mobile phone's display size and send it.

The preview works with most codecs and video types, but there are some exception were eMule is not able to get a frame. In this case you will see an error message or a complete black image. Also you will only be able to use the preview if your phone has a color display and enough memory to recieve and draw the picture.

Also please keep in mind that the picture has a size of about 5-10KB (depending on the size of your display). This means that it will take a moment until the picture is loaded and it also means that if your operator charges you for transferred volume you should use this option carefull.






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