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Help - Preferences


You can reach the preferences form the loginscreen. Here is a description of all available options:


With this option you can change the port which MobileMule uses to connect to eMule. You have to choose the same port in the preferences of eMule. Note: Some WAP Gateways do not allow to connections on ports other than 80. If you do not use a WAP gatway there should be no problem with choosing other ports.

Login Method

Here you can select  which address format MobileMule should use to find your eMule. If you choose Client ID you have to enter the (high) ID which was assigned to your eMule when it connected to a server, for example "16777343". DynIP or IP lets you choose between your real IP of your PC (for example "") or the address of a dynamic DNS, which allows you to connect to your eMule even if it changed it's IP and you do not know the new IP(only if you installed a dynamic ip programm, please look into the manuals of your favourite dynamic DNS service). An example: "myMule.dyns.net"

Save Password If you want MobileMule to save your password, enable this option. If you want more security and enter the password everytime you start MobileMule disable it.






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