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09/29/2004 New fixed eMule 0.44b Version For MobileMule 0.9a

Due to an Unicode error, eMule0.44b sends a wrong content type to mobilemule when trying to connect. This will result in an error if the WAP-Gateway checks this value (most of themdo).
Please download this fixed eMule version (equals official 0.44b + bugfix) and replace your eMule.exe with the new one:

(sources: eMule0.44b-Sources_MM09a.zip)

09/06/2004 MobileMule v0.9a released

Version 0.9a is a small but important Bugfix. I'm sorry it took a bit longer to actually releasing this bugfix, but I'm very busy coding on other parts of the project most times.
Version 0.8a would crash or show wrong data if you had a file bigger then about 2,3GB in your list. It could also crash on small sizes, depending on the displaywidth of your phone. While this problem always existed, its impact increased with version 0.8a, which started to "cache" the filelist.

Enjoy - and please post a feedback (inluding your handy type) on the board.


04/05/2004 MobileMule v0.8a released

And here is another update of MobileMule. This version works with eMule 0.42f or any mod based on this version. Here are the changes:

  • Download details are now (optionally) cached. This means MobileMule does not need to query your eMule everytime when you select the detailscreen of a downloading file. This makes browsing your file details much more comfortable (and faster). You can set the max. amount of files details MobileMule should cache (including 0 for disabled) in the settings.
  • You can also change the max. amount of downloading files MobileMule will show in the downloadlist. In earlier versions, this limit was set to 50. Basically as long as your phone has enough memory you can increase it.
  • The status overview now also shows the connection state and usercount of Kademlia
  • Some small bug were fixed


01/08/2004 MobileMule v0.7a released

New year, new MobileMule version :) This version needs a special eMule version for now again which you can find in the download section, or the most current KademliaTest client 0.41b29. All those who posted feature requests on the board which are not build into this version yet should know that I do read all and plan to implement many of them - but one version after another ;) Also in the next days i will put up a french and catalan version which was translated by an user. 

The new feature of this version is a statistic site which shows similar to eMule the download- and upload-rate as well as the active connections or everythng at once. Also a small new feature: on the overview you will now also find the name of the connected server.

Here is a screenshot of the new statistis site:

11/04/2003 MobileMule v0.6b released

This version is a bugfix for 0.6a because some gateways didn't liked the new parameters and want the old one (look into the changelog of 0.6a). If you have no problems with version 0.6a an update is not needed at this time. This version needs a special eMule version too, which you find in the download area. And as always the next official releases will support this new protocol too.

If 0.5a worked on you phone without problems, but 0.6a wasn't able to establish a connection then download this version and unmark the option "Use fake content-type" in your MobileMule settings. The connectiontest will also try both parameters and select the one which works for your phone automatically. 

Enjoy - and please post a feedback (inluding your handy type) on the board

10/31/2003 MobileMule v0.6a released

And another small update for MobileMule :) . This version currently needs a special eMule-Version which you can find in the downloadsection. Of course the next official eMule version and the next Kad-Testclient will also support the new protocol -  as always. And here are the changes:

  • A parameter for connections (mimetype was changed). The new one should work better with WAP-Gateways which try to filter non-WAP content (for example the O2 Gateway). This will hopefully solve some problems.
  • A bug which caused MobileMule to crash when viewing the detailscreen of very large files was fixed.
  • You can now view and change the upload- and downloadlimit of eMule (Commands > Change Limits)

09/28/2003 MobileMule v0.5a released

Together with 30b comes MobileMule 0.5a. You have to use eMule 30b or mods based on this codebase in order to use this version. And here are the changes :

  • MobileMule supports now categories. You can choose to view only files of one category and you can also sort files by category now.
  • The preview image is now not the first image of the movie but about 5 min from the beginning. There is also a new option "Next Image" which allows you too an image of the from the next 5 minutes. If you the traffic doesn't bothers you, you could "watch" a complete movie with this preview ;-)
  • The status page now also displays the number of users of the current server


08/27/2003 MobileMule v0.4b released

This version includes some bugfixes and client improvements. Like version 0.4a it is based on the protocol version 0.4x, which means that you can use this version with eMule 0.30a (and mods based on this code) and don't need a new eMule version. Here are the changes:

  • You can now sort the list of downloads and finished files by name, extension and status. More options will follow in later versions.
  • There is a new option "connection test". When using this option, MobileMule will try to connect to an always reachable testserver and check if transfering data works without problems. If this check fails, you know that something is wrong with you phone, gateway or settings. If it passes the test, but you cannot connect to your eMule, then you have to search the problem at your PC (router/firewall/port etc.). So if you have connection problems use this option and post the result on th board - this will help to track down your problem.
  • Some bugs were fixed and changes in the client made (the login button has now switched its postion with the quit button, there is an option not to save preferences and the highest port you can choose is 9999)

08/02/2003 MobileMule v0.4a released

And here is the changelog:

  • Additional to the downloadlist MobileMule can now show a list of files, which eMule finished in the current session
  • You are now able to preview video files with MobileMule. Click here to see a detailed explanation of this new feature
  • Some minor bugs were fixed

07/28/2003 MobileMule v0.3a released

And here is the changelog:

  • A bug which caused problems with very high IDs was fixed
  • DynIP or IP is now supported in addition to ID in the login screen. You can select your preferred method in the preferences screen
  • The Port is now changeable (in the preferences). But please note: Many operators do not allow connections on ports other then 80 through their WAP gateways. Also the port specified in MobileMule and the MobileMule preferences of eMule has to be the same (of course)
  • The last used ID/IP is now saved so that you don't have to enter it everytime when you start MobileMule. You can also choose to save your password (preferences)
  • Searching now supports file types and also saves the last used searchterm
  • A new command was added: Connect to any Server
  • Some other minor bugs are fixed

07/23/2003 MobileMule v0.2a released

Also there is now a guide which helps you to install and use MobileMule. Here are the changes of this version

  • A bug prevented MobileMule to connect to eMule in many cases
  • On Nokia mobile phones appeard only a white empty screen
  • There are now two seperate languageversions in order to save memory
  • It is now possible to search files and to tell eMule to download them
  • Some other minor bugs were fixed






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