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ClientID: Enter here the ID which was assigned to your eMule when it connected to a server. LowIDs will not work. Also your ID will change everytime when your IP changes. In future version there will be additional and easier options, which replace the ID (like Dynamic IPs, or an Accountname for an MobileMule account which you can create on this page).

Password: The password you selected in your eMule preferences for MobileMule.

If everthing works, you should now be able to loging, if not you will (probably) get an error message. here are some of the possible errormessages and their meaning:

Unexpected Servererror MobileMule could not access the internet or it could not find your ID (IP). Make sure you securit settings allow MobileMule to access the internet and that your WAP/Web settings are right.
Wrong opcode received The responding server was no MobileMule server. If you use a WAP gateway it could also mean that it could not find your ID/IP or that you operator does not allow to access the internet.
Password rejected Well this should be quite clear :)
Wrong server version Your eMule version is not compatible to your MobileMule version. Download the latest MobileMule and eMule files and try again
General Servererror The server (emule) reported an error for some reason. Maybe there is a problem with your WAP Gateway which corrupted the message, but it could have many reasons

If you have any problems logging in, first try to use the option "Connection test". MobileMule will then try to connect to a server, which is for sure available and will response. If this test succeeds, but you cannot log into your eMule then the problem is located somewhere on your PC. Recheck if you started the MobileMule Server in eMule, if there was no Errormessage in the log and if you have set it to the default port, if you have used the correct ID or IP and if you firewall or router allows/forwards incoming connections on this port.





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