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Help - Installing MobileMule

1. Before Installing MobileMule

Before you beginn to install MobileMule make sure you meet all Requirements:

  • You have a Java-enabled mobile phone (which is not on the "blacklist")
  • You can access the Internet (WAP Gateway or direct Web access)
  • Port 80 on your Box is reachable for incomming connection

2. Downloading

Ok, now that you know you could theoretically use MobileMule, it is worth a try to install it ;) Go to the download site and get the most current eMule version. This version is based on the latest official Release, but makes also sure that the MobileMule implementation is the most current one. It is possible that the last eMule release has already the most current MobileMule protocol, in this case you will find a notice about it on the download site. Unpack the Zip-File and replace the your old Exe-File with the new one you just downloaded.

There are two possibilities to download MobileMule: WAP/OTA direct into your mobile phone or saving it on your PC and then transfer it to your handy with a datalink cable. If you have a datalink cable, the second method is recommended, because your Operator will probably charge you for OTA transfer, while the second method doesn't cause any costs. A guide to install MobileMule via WAP  can be found on the download site. IF you don't know how to use your datacable, check your phone manual - it is impossible to explain this for all mobile phone types here.

3. Setup

MobileMule needs no further setup. However make sure that your phone settings (WAP, Security) are ok, so that MobileMule can access the internet. In most cases you won't have to change anything.

In eMule you have to activate the MobileMule server. Open the preferences -> Webinterface and click on "MobileMule enabled". Now enter a password, which you will need later to log in. If you use the webserver, make sure it is not assigned to Port 80, or the MobileMule server will not work.

Now you have MobileMule installed, read the rest of the guide to learn more about using MobileMule.







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