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Please keep in mind that this is a betaversion. Don't worry, MobileMule can never damage your handy - but it could just not work on your handy or with your provider. Please post your experiences into the board and wait till a new version fixes these problems.

MobileMule V0.9b  (54,0 KB | License )
MobileMule compressed, in german and english
English:Download this file  German: Download this file

To download MobileMule via directly into your mobile phone, go into the WAP Browser of your mobile phone and enter the following address:

http://mobil.emule-project.net/en/mobilemule.jad for the english version


http://mobil.emule-project.net/de/mobilemule.jad for the german version

Your mobile phone will ask you then if you want to download this file. You just have to confirm this and MobileMule is installed on your mobile phone. One note: Of course we charge you nothing for downloading this file, hower your operator probably charges you for any transferred data depending on your contract. Check your contract to find out how much this is.

An eMule version which supports the most current Mobilemule protocoll is required. Comming eMule releases will have this implemented, but since MobileMule is in a very early development stage there will be more releases, so you will have to update your official version when you update MobileMule most times.

Note: The most current official Version 0.47a (and all mods based on this version) has the MobileMule protcol 0.9a implemented. Therefor you do not need a special version for the current MobileMule version. If you use an older eMule, you can download 0.47a here.  





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